Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughts on spring, riding, and storms.

This week was an unusual one for the Metromess. Seldom do we have an actual tornado whirling around DFW, let alone 11+ ! Yes, a couple days ago there were at least 11 tornadoes skipping along the ground all over the Metromess, making, as you might guess, a real MESS! Videos of it all are here.

Fortunately, the injuries were minor, and I have not heard of any fatalities so far, so despite the property damage, I think folks were blessed. It could've been SO much worse! Up here at Casa del Monkey, we spent the afternoon down in the storm shelter. We are truly blessed to have that in-ground too. It has been worth every penny spent that summer after the Anna tornado of May, 2006.

Spring too, has sprung in NTX. The bluebonnets are in bloom, along with Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers and weeds. The Monkeys' allergies are all in full swing, with all sneezing (even the dogs!) and some coughing from all the drainage.

However, the warm weather and the recent rainfall has made for some lovely riding weather, with pretty scenery to boot. I've just been too busy this week to ride at night, or even get real enthused about it. I guess I just want to ride in the light for a change.

I have been looking for another T-shirt ride to do too. Dave wants to do either the Muenster Metric or the Aledo Ride for Heroes, (and don't forget he also wants to do the local Relay for Life walk...). Too bad the RFL conflicts with the Muenster Metric. I am guessing I will do whichever T-shirt ride he declines, for April. He is already signed up for the Collin Co Classic, and I might haul the Monkeys out for the 4mi family ride. I know they can do that distance. Maybe we can convince our friend to do it too, on her new trike?

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