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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A place for everyone...

And everyone in their place! 

Yes, a sight rarer than hens teeth.  That's Shiloh in HER spot on the left, and woe to the dog or Monkey who tries to claim it from HER!  Cody claims the right side as HIS, but today was willing to leave the gap in the middle for Indy to slip into.  Cody has been known to block the middle deliberately, when Indy tries to get up there.  Silly old hound! 

Cody says that Indy makes a decent headrest too. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How YOU can help out the Hounds!

Yes, finally there is a way you, my friends and readers, can help out the hounds at Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, at no additional cost to yourself, AND irrespective of your geographic location.

TIRR, a 501c3 charity, has been accepted into the Amazon Smile charitable giving program.  Since this IS the holiday shopping season, this makes it simple for shoppers to help out the hounds.  You simply sign into Amazon Smile, instead of the regular Amazon website.  You then choose Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue as your charity of choice. 

Whenever you shop at Amazon, just go through Smile instead and many/most of your purchases will be eligible for a donation to TIRR.  Amazon Smile donates a portion of the sales to your chosen charity, and does not charge you for this.  The more people who choose to shop via Smile, the more funds TIRR recieves.  This helps them out more than you can imagine. 

For example, consider Heather, a recent rescue...

Heather was found lying in a ditch near TIRR, by a rancher.  She had been struck by a car, and had a broken back leg.  The rancher, kind soul that he was, took her home, and called TIRR.  TIRR arranged for Heather to be evaluated by the excellent vets at Justin Animal Hospital, where they determined they could save her leg, and hopefully get her fully healed.
However, with such treatments, come expenses, all borne by TIRR willingly, to help a little mixed breed Ridgie.  There will be follow up treatments, to ensure the bone is knitting properly, to make sure there is no infection, and to eventually remove the appliance.  Yeah, I said appliance.  This poor little (probably dumped in the countryside) girl has a 5-screw and bar external brace pinning her leg back together.   It looks awful, but as you can see, she is already able to bear weight on the injured leg.
For those of you who do choose to help support TIRR via Smile, I thank you!  If only there was a way I could show you all the dogs there, and how much love the folks at TIRR have for these dogs.  Then you would better understand my passion for this breed (and its mixes too), and my desire to help out TIRR Rescue any way I can.

Now, for those of you who haven't read a good dog story lately, or are in need of an excellent gift item for those dog lovers in your life, I suggest The Book of Barkley, by LB Johnson.  Also available via Amazon Smile, AND currently on SALE in the Kindle format, just in time for the holidays!  It's already on my order list for my gift giving, and the sale just makes it even more attractive.  Thank you LB!  And just to encourage you even more to buy the Book of Barkley, the author, LB Johnson even donates a significant portion of the royalties to various animal rescue organizations.

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, (and a crowd-free, stress-free online shopping experience!)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brrr! Winter isn't coming, it's already here!

 It generally does not get this cold this early in north Texas.  But with this latest cold spell, it has been this cold or colder every morning for over a week now.  Hehehe...Winter isn't coming, Winter is here!

We awoke this morning to a relatively rare sight in this part of Texas.  Normally if there is precipitation in the Not Hotter 'N Hell Summer time of the year, it is either rain, or freezing rain.  One is welcome, one is not.  I think y'all can figure out which is which.  But today, it was the other choice, the one not mentioned.  The white fluffy stuff!  Yes, it snowed last night!  The Monkeys are thrilled, even though there is not enough to even make a decent snowball, it is still SNOW!

See?  White crap all over the van!
Barely a dusting, by Northerner standards, but hey, in the South, you take what you can get, snow-wise.
Even enough to make some of the grass white instead of brown-green.