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Friday, May 20, 2016

Random 5 Friday 5/20/16

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1. We have mostly finished the chicken coop. Eventually there will be a proper post on it.  At least the birds now have a proper home!

2.  This past week our e two had seen various things break around here.  The pool heater went out.  The ice maker went out. Then the water line heater to the ice maker failed, so that the water line freezes constantly, and no ice gets made.  I know, First World Problems...But annoying none the less, especially in a pricey two month old fridge!

3.  The highs all week have been only in the 60's.  Lovely weather, but not conducive for being in the pool.

4.  With all the rain lately, we haven't been riding, but instead have been lifting the nights a week.  Right now we are using Stronglifts 5x5.  We like it, though DH is finding he needs to lift heavier than the program progression is set for.  I'm trying to convince him to just bump the weight up and continue with 5x5 until he maxes out.  Then maybe shift to Wendler's 5/3/1, our Boring But Big.  I will eventually shift to Rippetoe's heavy triples, his recommendation for women lifters.

5.  Last night we had a beautiful, persistent complete double rainbow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sporty weather last night!

It seems that last night, Mother Nature had it in for Lamar County TX.  At 17:45 last night, we were headed to a CERT meeting.  There were tornados up on the Oklahoma side of the Red River, but TX was clear.

I looked west, to see a storm cell popping up hard and fast, so fast it didn't even show on radar, but it was already anvilling out on top.  I mentioned this to DH, and told the kids by text to keep an eye on the weather and stay inside.

By 18:10, they were calling tornado warnings for that same cell, just a few miles west of Paris!  So we left the meeting early and we hustled home, stuffed the kids and dogs into the storm shelter, and started watching the clouds.

Those clouds got spooky!  Eventually one of the wall clouds went right over the house!  Fortunately, no funnel clouds were descending then.

Big hail just starting to fall
Then the hail came...And it went in, and on, and on!  We had piles of hail on the roof, piles on the ground, and it wasn't small hail either!  We had nickle, quarter, and golf ball size hail!   Add in 60mph winds and you can see the recipe for damage.
That big one is broken in half.
In the light of morning, we assessed the damages.  Both cars have hail damage.  I'm sure the roof is likewise battered.  No windows were broken and no big limbs came down, though the pool was green with leaves so thick the bottom of the pool was covered!  The insurance agent has been notified, and this morning the kids and I cleaned out the pool, and did general cleanup around the yard.  Thank goodness for the Stihl blower!
That's not snow falling...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Random 5 Friday May 6 2016

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1.  I got our wood chipper (from the auction) back from the small engine repair shop.  Motor runs fine now, but sadly the blades are so dull that it isn't really chipping anything.  So we opted to burn the brush piles.

2.  We suffered our first chicken loss yesterday.  Pepper, one of the two Barred Rock chicks died.  She had been a little "off" the last few days, but we don't know why.  Hopefully it isn't contagious.

3.  In a belated celebration of Earth Day, w are burning the huge brush pile from our downed tree to make ah to improve the soils for our big garden!

4.  We plan on finishing the chicken coop this weekend.  The chicks will appreciate the extra space, and DH will be happy to get his shop space back.

5.  DH is quite good at splitting wood by axe o.r maul.  I'd like to learn/get better at it.  Maybe the new Fiskars axe will work for me.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Oops! I almost forgot R5F today.

As usual, linking up with Nancy at for Random 5 Friday.

1.  We got a lot accomplished this week.  We got our problem tree topped, so we can drop the trunk when convenient.

2.  We finally got our storm shelter installed!  With the weather here lately, we might need it soon.

3.  The kids and I managed to empty one more storage unit!  That leaves just one, filled with stuff from the old house.  Hopefully we can get rid of a lot of it!

4.  DH scored us a deal on a pair of new handheld transceivers (HTs).  We are both ham radio operators, using some old HTs, and thought it would be nice to have a new pair we can pass to any of our kids who might someday, eventually, maybe if they'd get off their kindles and study for it, get their own ham licenses.  The radios are the 7w Baofeng 82 DX's I think.

5.  Below is a photo of a beautiful toad the decided to rest on our pool fence.  I don't know what species, but I enjoyed seeing him.