Monday, May 14, 2012

Wildflowers or Texas Ditchweeds?

This Mother's Day Weekend, found us out at a Cub Scout family campout.  The camp was on Possum Kingdom Lake, at Camp Constantin.  I'd never been out to Possum Kingdom, but folks 'round here always told me it was pretty.  I now believe them, having seen the abrupt ridgelines (sadly many burned to the bare rock last year in the area's devastating wildfires), and the gorgeous rock cliffs on the lakeshore.  Reminded me of paddling in the Apostle Islands...  I really hadn't missed my Dagger Apostle kayak, until this weekend!

Our oldest, aka Monkey1, requested I photograph all the flowers she picked, so with my phone, I complied with her wish.  And I have to admit, some of them were so pretty, I just started taking pictures for myself.  Unfortunately, they're all ditchweeds...yeah, noxious weeds most of them, and those that aren't, are often undesireable plants, like cacti.  Most of what I have pictures of, I can't personally identify--so if you know for certain, feel free to post in the comments.

#1 I think this is a variant of thistle.

#2 A Daisy/Sunflower

#3 No idea on this, but the delicate little flower clusters on the ground vine were beautiful.

#4 The leaves on this look almost sage blue and not all bushes had the berries.

#5 Prickly pear cactus flowers.

I am also posting a link to this for Leontien to enjoy.  Hope y'all like our Texas Ditchweeds!


  1. I love Texas ditch weeds they are surely pretty. Leontien will love them too I am sure. B

  2. i love 'em all. thank you for posting to support leontien!!!


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