Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monster Feet!

Our newest dog Shiloh so far has only one minor flaw...she is a bit of a digger.  She has her hole dug under the deck, and a small scratch pit in front of the deck, but other wise has not been known to dig random craters in our yard.  That special task is reserved for the Monkeys! 

Still, as we learned with our above-ground Intex pool, a level surface is essential for good pool management.  So we have begun the task of digging out a pad to back fill with sand to level and re-establish the pool upon.  This necessitated digging out a 12x12'x4-8" area.  As the ground had settled over the years from around the storm shelter, we opted to relocate the moved dirt to the shelter sides.

Shiloh was displeased!  She likes to lay on the mound and survey her domain.  We covered up her favorite spots with loose, Texas clay and caliche.  Then it rained Sunday night...She was outside later to do her business, and this is the result.

Shiloh is fussy about her feet.  She hates having her nails ground down, or her feet handled.  Apparently she also hates mud between her toes!
I have never seen her look more dejected!  It was worse for her, knowing in her doggy mind, that this would entail much paw-handling.
Dave laughed so hard, and of course sent me for the camera to record her misery. 

Dave got her cleaned up, with much distress on her part, but I did note that early the next morning, when she was nearly as muddy after her morning constitutional, that she permitted me to clean her paws without ANY fussing!  Of course, I did reward/bribe her with a slice of cheese...

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