Friday, August 5, 2016

Battles, practice and fosters...

Since our move this spring, we are no longer as close to our friends at TIRR Rescue.  That makes it difficult for us to foster a dog for them, as we are 100mi from their nearest monthly adoption event.  So, we joined the local humane association, and are on our second foster dog for them.  Since the Lamar County shelter is a kill shelter, fostering certainly helps save a life, by keeping a dog run open for new intakes.

We took in Rudy, a little pup of the Black Mouth Cur variety.  He's very sweet, and kissy, plus full of puppy jumps and nips.  Luckily, he has someone already lined up to be his forever home, but it will be the end of month before he goes home.  So he is our responsibility for August.

As for battles, well, let's just say it's a good thing I have to deal with the insurance company, and not my husband.  They're giving me the runaround on his diabetes CGM (continuous glucose monitor) supplies.  This particular company has a history of denying valid claims, often multiple times, in hopes that the patient will just pay instead.  You just have to keep after them, and beat them like a rented mule.

And practice...yes, we both need it.  We did get to our new range a couple weeks ago, and found it is a lovely facility!  So this weekend we are hoping to get back out there and put in some more practice.  I need to go get a stack of 1x2's for making target stands.  I also need to decide what exactly I want to go shoot.  I have an itch to go shoot rifle, but I really need to see how things work with my contact lenses reversed (rt eye near vision, left eye distance), when shooting pistol.   Plus there's a desire to dust off my favorite wheelgun.  And luckily, we also scored a nice stash of .22LR this week, and at nearly-normal prices too!

The other practice I'm doing involves this device, the Cabela's 3qt deep fryer! 
DH found a basic recipe for Lumpia, aka Filipino egg rolls.  He fell in love with them back when he was in the P.I. in the Corps.  So I get to try to reproduce them.  The recipe itself is simple.  The hard part is going to be rolling them and frying them up I think.  We bought a bunch of wonton wrappers, and egg roll wrappers to try.  One makes little rolls, the other standard big ones.  If you see me posting next week, you'll know everyone survived the experiment!

Update:  This was supposed to have posted Saturday morning.   Oh well.  The update is that the ins co denied the claim,  so now I have had to get his doc involved.   This is just a pain...

And sadly we did not get out to the range Saturday either.  But we did get the attic ladder safely and  securely reinstalled... And DH's shoulder MRI is Wednesday.


  1. So glad to have you back! How was Squat Camp? Sorry to hear about your troubles with the insurance company. I hate them and think they've only gotten worse since Obamacare was enacted. My hubs has been dying to go to the range but in NY it's a lot harder. When you mention wheelgun, is that like those wheelguns we saw at the museum, next to the flintlocks? Your new foster is absolutely adorable!

    1. Wheelgun is just a nickname for a modern revolver. I can only imagine the difficulties your hubs must have with trying to go to the range in NY.

      Swuat camp was great though my hip limited my lifts severely. Hip is ok now and I am working back up. If you can swing going to one of their camps or weekend sessions, you should go. You would love it! I'm going to try to send DH to deadlift camp this fall.

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  2. Glad your hip is better. Was it injured at Squat camp or from biking? I laughed at the thought of going to a Squat or DL camp. I'm having trouble in this heat and humidity with just doing regular household stuff! At least there's A/C at my gym. And thank goodness for that!

    1. I hurt the hip when I dumped a heavy single squat a few weeks back. It seems to have healed fortunately. Squat camp was great! I got some excellent coaching. If you get a chance to go, you really should consider it. Maybe you can find a winter camp. We had to put a window ac unit in our garage gym to make it tolerable to work out in there.


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