Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Mom Chair...

First there was a big, Bullet-sized block head shoved into my lap.  This was followed shortly by a tentative paw... or two.  Just testing the waters, seeing what he could get away with.  Suddenly, all 4 paws were on the couch, with the back two firmly settled on to/in to, my thigh, and a dogbutt in my lap.
Thus, the evolution of the Mom-chair!


  1. So cute! Even our two Jack Russell Terriorists try this but at least they're only 20 pounds more or less. Much easier on my hips. *tee hee*
    Hope your day is blessed MW. ~:)

  2. Yep, that's about 82# of lap dog! Have a blessed day too, Sparky!

  3. Awe! Mine thinks he's a lap pup too, but with two torn ACLs, his climbing days are over. He's a sweetie!

  4. LOVE Ridgebacks and my Sadie still crawls into my lap for snuggles. She, Sam and I sleep together and, most mornings, I wake with Sadie's head on my stomach and my arm thrown over her body. I LOVE my furry companions!


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