Friday, January 6, 2017

White crap falling from the sky

Early this morning, in the deep chill of 21°F, I spied little pellets of white stuff falling from the sky.The Monkeys were ecstatic.  DH wasn't.  And I had to go to the store.
The nearest grocery is at least 6 miles away, and Wal-Mart closer to 8 miles.  8 miles of Texas drivers in a freezing, blowing snow event...YIKES!
And honestly, Texas drivers aren't any worse than Kansas or Missouri drivers...but when you add in freezing temps, and precipitation in the form of snow, it can get dicey.  Now, for all my more northerly friends, I understand this isn't "snow" to y'all.  But what you don't understand, is that there is NO snow removal equipment here, and NO salt and sand trucks either!  None!  Now I want you to imagine driving in YOUR area, with freezing precipitation, and zero treatment trucks, no salt, no sand, no plows.  The only thing I have seen here in Lamar Co, is the brine truck, that sprays Hwy 271 from the loop in Paris, to the Red River.  And the coverage from that lone sprayer isn't the greatest either.

Just now, I took this pic from the back pool deck.  It's snowing again.  There's a little over an inch of snow, much of which has blown around.  The chickens are not happy, but they won't go into the warmer coop, silly things.  They did get a bunch of chicken scratch today, to help them stay warm.  At least they have down coats!

The tv room is warm, since I started a fire in the fireplace several hours ago.  There's homemade chili on the stove, and I am considering a batch of cornbread to go with it, though the carb load for DH will be high if I do that.  And in a concession to the family,  I set the furnace to kick on if the temp falls below 56*F.  I'd just as soon keep it off alltogether but it doesn't kick on often at that setting.  And since with this cold snap the pool equipment has to run 24/7 to keep it from freezing solid and breaking, I might as well save $$ where I can!

Snowpocalypse this isn't, though I understand from an acquaintance in AL, that their grocery stores got cleaned out of milk, bread and eggs.  Not the case here though.  Walmart was fully stocked.  I guess Alabamans really like their Snowmageddon French Toast!


  1. Well, your post certainly made me grin. You've got as much "snow" as we do at the moment and we're at 27F! At least our town sends the brine trucks out the night before to treat all the roads for the commuters. I used a broom to sweep our flakes off the walk and driveway (and car) and then lightly salted so that it'd be gone by this afternoon. Never mind that we're due for another dusting tonight. And Boy Scouts are hiking 5 miles tomorrow. Stay warm!

  2. We've only had snow plows for the past few years...ever since the Judge moved to our road...grin. Prior, the other farmers and I would take our tractors with front end loaders and remove the most of the snow. We have about 3 inches with 6 more expected; fire in the wood stove means all is cozy and comfy, at odds with the temps falling into single digits.
    Take care of yourself; be careful.


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