Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Breaking things

Why is it, a year into this place, that stuff is now breaking?  And why all at once?  So far this month it has been the ice maker (2x as the first replacement unit was defective), the pool rover (those things are NOT cheap!), and now one of the water heaters is not heating properly.  Oh, and the propane tank needs topped up.

I know, a bunch of First World problems.  I should shut up and be happy...or not.
At least I remembered we got a home warranty when we bought this place, and water heaters are covered.  AND, it expires tomorrow, so my service call today is covered!

One pup is going in to the vet next week for a dental cleaning and papilloma removal, and another pup has a belly rash.  I am hoping the antibiotic spray I have already on hand, will clear the rash up.  It seemed to respond in January to some triple antibiotic ointment I applied to it.  He just hates the spray and flees the area in terror, poor guy!

At least the garden bales are starting to heat up (a good thing), and should be ready to plant in about a week.  I just need to get some bone meal, wood ash, and a bag of potting soil to get the plants started in the bales.

I think I am going to do several lettuce varieties, a couple tomatoes, green peppers, 1-2 hot peppers, some green beans and snap peas.  Mt. Weather, out back of the shop, will get some watermelon and pumpkin plants, if the kids are interested in growing those.  It ought to be an eventful spring....I'm just hoping the garden is a success.
A random pretty flower picture our oldest Monkey took.  May it brighten your day.


  1. It always seems that things go wrong in multiples but at least the water heater will be covered!! They just don't make or do things the way they used to...have you noticed that? Both our dogs are "older" so I just made another vet appointment for one so I know how that goes too...:)JP

  2. how wonderful...about the warranty...you've reminded me I need to get one as well. I need a couple of male cats cut and, somehow, missed the fact they may be about a year old. that might explain the extreme playfulness, eh?

  3. It's finally spring here! I'm excited about your garden. I've given up on mine because I've never had it over run with grass before last year. Crazy grass that only grew in the raised beds! We did grow lettuce once or twice, but the grasshoppers got it! Love seeing all your photos! :D


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