Monday, May 28, 2018

Belated Mother's Day fishing trip

A bit of a family tradition here from my husband's side of the family.  On Mother's Day, the family takes Mom out fishing.  My mother in law loved to fish, and so do I.  As it happened, it was not convenient to go fishing until last evening.
Submarine Cow

We hit the farm ponds by 5pm, so the sun and heat were not killer.  There was a decent breeze, and we saw submarine cows in the pasture.  The burro herd even decided to do their own version of the Belmont Stakes, with one braying beast, chasing another around the 90 acres twice!  Those little buggers have some stamina!  Sadly, I was laughing too hard, and having too much fun fishing, to try to take any burro race photos.

#1, on my tackle box

After landing fish #1 in about 15 min, the fishing sort of slowed to a dead stop.  Or at least the catching stopped!  Eventually MonkeyBoy hollered "Fish On!" and brought in a fat bass.  He was too far away to get a photo though.

I wandered over to the second smaller pond, which DH had tried unsuccessfully earlier.  I too, had no luck in the small pond.  This was a little odd, as that pond is usually good for a couple large bass, like 7# sized!

I returned to the large pond, in the corner by the dam, where there was a tree shading the water.  I've had success in the past, fishing the shadow-line on hot days.  Yesterday was 90* at 5pm.  It didn't take too long, and #2 was on shore.
#2 with obligatory toe in picture.
Shortly after that, #3 and #4 decided they wanted a chance at a plastic worm.  Their wishes were granted, and they were released with the others.  Next time we go fishing there, I'll try for the morning, so we can bring some bass home and fry 'em up for dinner!
#3 the smallest of the bunch

#4, probably the biggest, and at least 4" linger than my size 8 boot.
I gave up my hot spot after than and went to sit in the shade of the truck.  Not too long after that, DH came up, somewhat overheated, so we packed up and stopped at DQ for a soda and shakes for the Monkeys. 


  1. Looks like a lovely day although 90F is way too hot for me to do anything except complain ;-) And at you caught some fish! Never seen or heard of submarine cows before! That's amusing!

  2. How do you cook them? I've had big mouth a few times but find them a little pondy tasting...


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