Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working on improving the engine...

Since I wish to go faster on my Vrex recumbent bicycle, and lose more weight, and tone muscle, I decided it might be beneficial to do some strength exercises--not just ride and walk.  Running is out for me--I've never enjoyed it, my right knee hates it, and so do other parts down south, esp. after birthing 3 Monkeys. 

I downloaded a few related android apps to my phone to assist with this.  But working out alone has never been my strong point except on the bike.  So motivation has been iffy.  But yesterday I decided to try again, in hopes of increasing my average speed on the bike through some strength work (improving the 'engine', ME).  Here is the app I used today:  Daily Butt Workout . I did the 10min workout today, using a single 25# weight when I could, but not on all the weighted exercises shown--My knees are not yet ready for weighted lunges or side lunges, period!  This workout was nowhere near as simple as it looks!  I have their whole array of apps, plus a different company's push ups app.  The Daily workout brand apps are nice in that they are designed for women, are exhibited by women, and don't over tax me on time necessary. 

My goal now is to simply do one of the Daily workouts 4 days a week.  Arms, legs, butt and abs.  I want to try to do this for all of 2012.  I don't know if I will keep that motivation, but if I start seeing speed increases on the bike, I know my motivation will last longer.  See, the faster I go, the more time I have 'in the bank' for any randonneuring rides I care to attempt!  More on randoneurring in another blog...

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