Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God loves Texas again!

Yes, the last 18 hours has shown that God once again loves Texas! Why, you ask, would I say such a thing? This is why--LOOK!

Yes! RAIN! At last it is raining in North Texas! Sweet, beautiful, life-giving RAIN! Much of it is falling in the Lavon Watershed, which is a major source of water for my area. Lavon has been drained so low by last year's drought, that there is worry this year if we do not see an significant increase in rainfall, that the cities will be forced to completely restrict outdoor watering, and levy HEAVY fines against violators (like $2500 per offense), and even fine you based on your water bill usage!

Lake Texoma, another major water source, is similarly low. When we camped there in November with the Scouts, the water was so low, you had to walk over a quarter mile from shore to get to the water. Add to it, that some bugger-eating moron dumped their boat's filthy zebra-mussel contaminated bilge water into the lake, and now the water pipeline is plugged with zebra mussels. Science still doesn't know how to safely kill those demon-spawn, without harming everything else in the lake.

The rain started last evening, just as Dave got home from work, and it hasn't stopped yet. Nearby gauges register 4" or more, and the NWS storm totals show almost 11". I don't know about 11" here, but I'd suspect more like 5-6" by now. It really has been raining for almost 18hrs straight.

To paraphrase Oliver Twist,
"Just picture a great big storm--
Rain, lightning and thunder.
Oh, rain,
Wonderful rain,
Marvellous rain,
Glorious rain!

Or even better, thanks to, we have the great Gene Kelley.

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