Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Steps...

With a year of exercise under my shrinking belt, and a recent 5k walk, I have watched my kids and husband start/restart running.  I have never been a runner--even as a kid I used to say I would rather ride 25mi on my bike than run 1mi.  I got booted out of AFROTC for being too slow on the run...such is life.

Still, as my health and fitness have improved, I harbored a secret desire to run.  I began looking at C25K programs, and online techniques etc.  I stumbled on this, The Hundred Up.  It's real oldschool stuff, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.  But it seemed to address some of my issues with running--heavy heel strikes jarring my body excessively.

While I haven't really practiced what it says, I have tried the concept.  Shorter stride, and landing deliberately on the forefoot to make use of the body's natural shock absorbing mechanism of the lower leg and foot.  It actually works.  My knee still isn't really happy, but that's a different issue, and not caused by running.

So after last night having to put up with Cody-dog whining  incessantly over not getting to go out on the run with Shiloh-dog and Dave, I decided to take him for a walk to the store for stamps.  As I considered this, I opted to try jogging it instead.  I guessed it would take less time, and be better exercise.  Out I went.  I managed to jog the whole thing, only stopping for crossing the busy street, and to transact business in the store.  I concentrated on keeping a short stride and landing on my forefoot each time.  Nothing hurt particularly, and I felt good.  I know a run of just under one mile in 14min isn't very impressive by most folks' standards, but ya gotta start steps, baby steps!

I might have to start doing this jogging-thing for real!

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