Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A mini-Mom vacation!

VBS starts this week, for the kids, and that amounts to a mini-vacation for me!  Yes, I have 3-3:30hrs all to myself!  Yesterday was a chance to visit with a good friend from church, who will be leaving the States for up to 2 years, or maybe for ever.  It was a nice chance to visit, and to agree to help her out with some of the details of this move.

The rest of the week with my time off, is dedicated to riding.  Today I got home from dropping off the kids, and went out for 17mi on my usual evening route.  The wind was practically nil, so my avg speed was up a bit which was nice.

I can't seem to figure out how to embed the ride here in the blog, so this is a LINK to the ride.

I plan on riding every morning this week, and then relaxing for a while in the easy-set pool.  The water feels cold at first, which in the typical Texas summer, is mighty nice.  We set the pool up over the 4th, for the kids, and also for us to enjoy.  Shallow enough to be safe, deep enough to enjoy.  However, there are ongoing expenses with a pool, even a small one.  Chlorine, testing kits, stabilizer, pool-shock....it all adds up.  At least it is holding water well, and apart from the initial fill, has not needed much in the way of topping off.

It may not seem like much of a vacation, 3 hrs a day, but to me it is priceless!  It is so seldom that I get a block of quiet time like that. Part of me is tempted just to sleep, and try to catch up some on lost sleep.  But I think I am better served riding daily.  I don't get a chance to ride daily, as Dave & I alternate ride-nights.  This should help me perform better on the Tour de Paris later this month.  I signed up for the 110K ride.  If the heat is tolerable, I should be fine on it.  Otherwise I might take a cutoff for a shorter distance.

Hope to see y'all down the road!

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