Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A year is a long time

Soaking up sunshine.
It's been a year now, since Charlie had to be put down.  I know it was the right decision, and I don't feel guilty for it.  But I miss him.

You can cram two big dogs into one bed!
It surprises me a little, how easily even now, right now to be honest, the tears still flow.  I had thought I had a better handle on that now...I guess I was wrong.
Ever tolerant.
While I know my heart is ready to love another Ridgie in need, I also have to accept that my old dog Cody, that brindle beast in some of the pics, is not ready.  He likely never will be ready.  So that dog-shaped hole inside will stay vacant a while longer.

I see pieces of Charles in other dogs sometimes--in the tilt of the head, the cant of the ears, the eyes.  Roy said that would happen.  He was right.
 Roy, thank you for letting us have Charlie, all those years ago.  And thank you for all you do for the other unwanted, unloved Ridgebacks and mixed breeds that you take in at TIRR

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  1. You never forget them. It's hard. I still see Scooter out of the corner of my eye sometimes when I'm outside. I'm just so used to seeing him run by my side, that if there is a flash of black or white I assume it's him.

  2. How can we forget our wonderful furbabies? And why should we?! No way. I do think it's good not to press the older dog into another companion. You're being very thoughtful. But don't feel bad that your heart still hurts. I still miss all my doggies, especially Maxie. Not being flippant or uncaring but our hearts do heal more as time progresses. And such wonderful folks as y'all CAN and will love again. ~:)

  3. They are always in our thoughts, there in the field of our vision, as Lisa says, the echo of a soundless bark greeting us each day as we get home. I know that someday, I'd like another, but he's still so close and I can't replace that

  4. Lisa, I know how sad y'all were when Scooter vanished. I can only pray he is safe somewhere.

    Sparky, I never thought your comment was flippant--I have an idea how important Maxie was to you. And you are correct that the pain recedes with time, but I don't think it ever vanishes entirely.

    And Brigid, I understand entirely the seeing-feeling-missing-empty quiet furless house... You'll know when you are ready, and quite possibly, some dog will find and choose you (whether or not you think you're ready yet!)

    Our other dogs have taught me in this past year, that I cannot love them for who they are NOT...but rather that I love them for who they are.


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