Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sporty weather tonight

We are having a night of sporty weather here.  There were three tornado warnings issued, though most of the bad weather went east of us.  Some damage was reported in Farmersville they said on the weather net. Skywarn is doing a good job, though folks are a bit exciteable as it's the first real call out of the year.  

The Monkeys are tired of being cooped up in the storm shelter, and are being snippy with each other.  Ya gotta love the snarl on the face of the oldest!
Still, despite being crowded together for about 2hrs, we did get some much needed rain here. That's much appreciated, and luckily here at the casa, we did not have any severe hail, unlike many parts of NTX just a couple miles north of the casa.

Here are links to a couple sites that show some pictures/damage etc. This one is to's pictures, but I compressed the url as it was cumbersome.

This one is to a thread on showing some of the damage to area cars.  It is also compressed.


  1. Thank goodness you are that shelter for all those cranky kids, who are smiling today, I'm sure!!!! God morning from Aruba!...:)JP

  2. Glad you got some rain, and that the storms weren't destructive.

  3. Arguh!!! These storms. i like your term "sporty" - kinda puts it in better perspective. (Thanks, I'll remember that next time . . . although I'll continue to hope we don't have any next times . . sigh)


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