Thursday, May 15, 2014

I was supposed to be fishing

Mother's Day I was supposed to go fishing. Family tradition. I love to fish. But we went biking instead.  Then it rained. Then I caught a cold, and am still recovering.  This did not appease the Monkeys however.

So tonight I agreed to take them down to the neighborhood pond to harass the blue gill and the bass. 

Unfortunately, my pole and tackle box have gone AWOL in the garage, and I couldn't navigate through the mountain of stuff to get to where I think it is.

Thus the Monkeys are fishing, and I'm just sitting watching them.  It figures...


  1. Ratz!!! I hope there's a major turn around - and - that you feel much better.

  2. You are having a time of it, aren't of rest...the uncaught fish will only get bigger!..:)JP

  3. We used to fish ALL the time. Even had a 16' Bass Tracker boat. After selling the boat, we haven't dipped a line in years and years. Just got tired of it I guess.
    Colds are such a bummer. Hope you're feeling better by now. I use Cold-Eeze Throat Lozenge and gargle frequently with warm, salty water. Keeps me from getting a throat infection. Be well! ~:)

  4. That's pretty amazing...having a pond in your back yard in a subdivision...way cool! I love to fish; Dave and I would take fishing vacations to salmon was fabulous.


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