Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Windy Wednesday

Today, like yesterday is windy!  As in blow-you-to-Oklahoma windy...  DH was kind yesterday after he got home on the bike from work, and told me to just ride north, and he'd come get me when I was done.  A tailwind ride!  Yay!  I always enjoy those, as you can burn your matches without fear of bonking on the last hill home into the wind.

I'm sort of depressed though--not from riding, but from the fact that I am not losing weight, despite eating better and generally eating less, plus riding.  This over-50 crap is annoying.  Metabolism?  What metabolism?  I think despite starting thyroid therapy (endocrinologist says it's time), my metabolism has gone en vacance, permanently!  Oh I feel somewhat more energetic, but man, my body is hanging onto every single gram of fat it can.

I suppose I did overeat this past weekend at the dog ranch.  It was Open House weekend and we showed up a day or so early to help with preparations.  It was fun working with and playing with all the Ridgies, especially ol' Tucker.   Depending on if he is still available when it is that time, we will probably adopt him, even though he is a senior dog.

And an update on our current senior dog, Cody.  For the last two weeks, he has been having a cluster of petit mal seizures, clocking in some 4-5 a day that we were witnessing.  He saw the vet Monday, where the vet confirmed epilepsy.  We knew he had previously had a couple seizures, usually not more than a couple a year, so we were worried about this sudden unexplained increase.  The vet put him on a minimal dosage of phenobarbital, yeah, phenobarb, just like in humans.  The blood work they did came back just fine, so there is apparently no obvious and treatable cause for for the seizures.  Idiopathic Epilepsy is the official diagnosis.  Vet says it will take about 2 weeks to see if this dosage will shut down the seizures, but so far it seems to be helping.  He's just dizzy and wobbly, and sleepy for most of the day currently.

Back to the bike...I plan to ride some tonight, though I hope the winds will drop some by late afternoon or early evening.  I also probably need to get back on the Bowflex and the dumbell weights.  I know that adding muscle mass will increase the metabolic burn.  It just takes motivation to do it.  Riding is easy to get motivated to do.  Lifting is a bit harder to get the motivation running.  DH and I have talked about setting a motivational goal, of a new Schlitter Bike Encore,(scroll down pg 3 of the thread to see pics of the Encore) full carbon high racer, if we hit and maintain our weight goals for a year or more (long term weight loss).   We have not yet decided if that is a workable deal, but the time window would allow us to budget for it.

Well, time to get to work I guess.  Gotta run out and get dog chow, as the mutts are getting hungry!  Have a great Windy Wednesday folks!  See you on the road.


  1. I know all about that medication and what it's side effects son was on it when he was little...:)JP

  2. Being a big fan of anything Texas, we've visited there frequently. I know how windy it can get out y'alls way. They're absolutely epic! I hope the winds had died down by the second ride.

    You're getting another dog!? Cool! Be sure to share pics of the new family member when convenient. Sorry to hear about Cody and the seizures. I pray that the medicine helps him soon. Our little miniature schnauzer, Sam Jr., used to have epilepsy. He was also on phenobarbital pills daily. They worked for him. Sam Jr. was a trip! He had so much personality. I miss him very much. I have a memorial for him at FindAGrave, if interested.
    I'm such a sucker for dogs, especially "mini's". ~:)

  3. Thank you for sharing . . makes me feel like I have company along the way . . weight issues, older dogs with . . needs . . . enjoying all the Good we Find . . .

    You Rock!

  4. The phenobarbital does have some nasty side effects. I think I told you we had a foxhound on it for years.

    Have you tried adding in weights? That always helps speed up my metabolism.

    Francie is completely sound, so I don't think there's anything going on with that joint - must just be the picture.


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