Monday, August 11, 2014

Indy update

Indy has settled into our household routine.  He seems to appreciate the creature comforts, and two meals a day.  He is a pretty good timekeeper dog, playful but still gentle, though he does at times conjure up a mental image of the bull in the china shop! 
Hi Mom, I like this dog bed.

He has learned the basics of running with the bike, though he still needs leash practice.  He has mastered the basic housebreaking, and eventually I will trust him uncrated for long times, but not yet!
I like this House Dog gig!


  1. Great! Nothing like good news and progress...:)JP

  2. I'm so glad that Indy is settled in. Looks like Cody is still there too. That's good. I sure miss Lucy. I keep looking for her in my office. *sigh* I wish dogs lived longer. ~:)

  3. Looks like he's settling in well indeed.

  4. I sure like stories about your pupsters . . eventually I'll share more about mine again . . but, i gave one back to God lately . . and - you know how that is . . .

    Yes, you remembered correctly . . I've had some challenges - and my hands do not agree to play guitar right now . . (what I did for a living . . humph!)

    Excellent Day to You!!

  5. Indy does look quite content! Hope I can meet him sometime soon.


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