Monday, November 17, 2014

Brrr! Winter isn't coming, it's already here!

 It generally does not get this cold this early in north Texas.  But with this latest cold spell, it has been this cold or colder every morning for over a week now.  Hehehe...Winter isn't coming, Winter is here!

We awoke this morning to a relatively rare sight in this part of Texas.  Normally if there is precipitation in the Not Hotter 'N Hell Summer time of the year, it is either rain, or freezing rain.  One is welcome, one is not.  I think y'all can figure out which is which.  But today, it was the other choice, the one not mentioned.  The white fluffy stuff!  Yes, it snowed last night!  The Monkeys are thrilled, even though there is not enough to even make a decent snowball, it is still SNOW!

See?  White crap all over the van!
Barely a dusting, by Northerner standards, but hey, in the South, you take what you can get, snow-wise.
Even enough to make some of the grass white instead of brown-green.


  1. Sigh, snow means a session riding the rollers, desperately trying not to crash into furniture or run over dogs and monkeys.

  2.'s winter here as well and the wood stove is rolling. snow and sleet are pouring from the sky but it's warm and cozy inside.
    the first weekend in November it snowed 6 inches; hopefully, not that much tonight but only God knows.

  3. The Windy City was just getting flurries but when I made the 4 hour drive south to go to work, it got ugly. Only about 3 inches stuck, but then it melted and froze, so everything is an ice rink. Fortunately Abby the rescue lab, likes the snow (she hates water and walks like a ninja when the grass is wet) so she'll go out and do her business

  4. Oh, i remember the joy of snowfall - in places it so rarely happens. Well, i hope they have a stellar time . . and i hope you get your normal Texas back . .

    Thank you for your prayers for our region
    and your encouragement - when it comes to 'fur family" - YOU Totally Rock!


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