Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking forward

While they say hindsight is 20/20, it is forward into the not-quite-clear-future I shall look now.  Our move from here to there, is now at the beginning of the end, rather than the end of the beginning.  We have at last found a house to buy, and are awaiting paperwork, and the various things that must happen for closings to occur.

Things I am looking forward to...  Forward to building more fencing...building a chicken coop...moving all our stuff from storage and sorting thru it all again trying to clear out yet more clutter...looking forward to having DH at HOME every night!  Forward to volunteering at the local animal shelter, forward to helping out at the local food pantry if possible, forward to getting off this bullet train called selling a house and stepping into the slower pace of life that is life in NETX--life outside the Metromess.

Wish us luck and say a prayer as we step off into the grand new adventure!


  1. As of today, T-37 days and counting till we get there. It will be nice to be home every night.

  2. Looking forward always works for me too!...:)JP

  3. New, new, new . . . . praying, Knowing Life is Filled with Blessings, It's Good and Very Good . . (even if we can't quite see it, all the time . . . )
    sending love, -g-

  4. I pray the move goes swiftly, smoothly, and you still have a jingle in your pocket. I know every time we've moved it's bit way too much into our budget. Hope the doggies are all well too. ~:)


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