Friday, January 15, 2016

The Crazy, it burns!

Yes, the 'crazy' does burn!  I had no idea how wild this ride would be.  I have just spent most of the last two days, stuck in my van, with three near-teenagers and three big dogs.  We have had 14 or 15 showings of our house for sale, in 48 hours, which is super news, except that now I feel like I've been put through an old fashioned laundry wringer at least twice!

We did get some good news from our realtor last night, so the 'crazy' should end soon, but not before Monday at the earliest.  So we are on track to spend some quality time at the TIRR Rescue ranch Saturday, doing whatever work they need done, and not living in my van.  Even with the threat of a wintry mix of weather, and a 20-30* drop in temps, working at the rescue beats being stuck in the van all day.  This will give us the chance to have more showings, and an open house here.

We are going to take a 'sanity night' tonight though, at DH's request, so we can relax a couple hours, and maybe catch Star Wars VII finally.  Which means no showings tonight after 5pm.  At least that is the plan.

And to add more proof that God is driving this bus, the long lost original purchase docs we received when we moved in here back in 2003, were found neatly organized in the nearly empty file cabinet, and not buried somewhere in one of our storage units!  This is really good news as I will not have to pay for a new Plat survey.  That saves us close to $400.  I am truly blessed to have an organized husband.

The next 'crazy time' is also fixin' to fire up next week, as we try to buy a new home and conclude that purchase in coordinated time with our selling this one.  Yeah, that's gonna be interesting...


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    1. We have good news on selling our home. We are now officially "pending", aka, we are under contract with a buyer.

      Still waiting on news on the second house we offered on...

  2. Wow! That's so wonderful to read. Congrats and Good Luck! :D


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