Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sporty weather last night!

It seems that last night, Mother Nature had it in for Lamar County TX.  At 17:45 last night, we were headed to a CERT meeting.  There were tornados up on the Oklahoma side of the Red River, but TX was clear.

I looked west, to see a storm cell popping up hard and fast, so fast it didn't even show on radar, but it was already anvilling out on top.  I mentioned this to DH, and told the kids by text to keep an eye on the weather and stay inside.

By 18:10, they were calling tornado warnings for that same cell, just a few miles west of Paris!  So we left the meeting early and we hustled home, stuffed the kids and dogs into the storm shelter, and started watching the clouds.

Those clouds got spooky!  Eventually one of the wall clouds went right over the house!  Fortunately, no funnel clouds were descending then.

Big hail just starting to fall
Then the hail came...And it went in, and on, and on!  We had piles of hail on the roof, piles on the ground, and it wasn't small hail either!  We had nickle, quarter, and golf ball size hail!   Add in 60mph winds and you can see the recipe for damage.
That big one is broken in half.
In the light of morning, we assessed the damages.  Both cars have hail damage.  I'm sure the roof is likewise battered.  No windows were broken and no big limbs came down, though the pool was green with leaves so thick the bottom of the pool was covered!  The insurance agent has been notified, and this morning the kids and I cleaned out the pool, and did general cleanup around the yard.  Thank goodness for the Stihl blower!
That's not snow falling...


  1. Thank goodness you're all okay! I guess paradise has a dark side. :-(

  2. That is some crazy hail! We have had a lot of storms here lately. Some folks on the other side of the county got hail but it missed us.


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