Monday, April 17, 2017

A cold wet one...

At 04:30 this morning even!  Yes I was sweetly (?) awoken from a sound sleep by a cold wet nose, right on the kisser!  Indy was upset by the storm that had finally arrived.  He hates thunder and I was unable to find his Thundershirt.  So I stuck him in the youngest Monkey's room for comfort.

An hour later, DH woke me without a kiss, to inform me we needed to set the trash pump up to keep the house dry, as it was pooling deeply in back.  He braved the cold downpour, while I wrangled the power cord and plugged it in.

So far, we've gotten 3" rain in 3 hrs.  That's a lot of water!  Thr river Nile out back is flowing well.  I'm sure the intermittent creek out back is running heavy by now too.  As big and as heavy as this storm seems to be, I can tell I will be home most of the day monitoring the water situation.  Joy.  And of course today I need to run to town, take a dog to the vet, etc.  And NWS now says flash flooding in the area, which DH confirmed on his drive into work this morning.  He said there were several sketchy low water crossings he had to navigate in the Civic.

And it's still raining...
The white pipe beyond the gate is the pump setup.

The pool is almost completely full!

Final total here at the casa? 4.3" of rain.  And DH made it home just fine.

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  1. Where the heck do you live! :-0 But betcha your fruit trees are loving this rain! We went from torrential T-storms to weather alerts for brush fires due to the unseasonable 80F temps. We think the weather people have become alarmists because the ground is still wet from the rains. Today is more moderate with sunny temps in the low 60s.


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