Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stuck in the minor med clinic

Yeah, silly me, trying to help a stray dog.  I'd picked him up in the neighborhood last night, and bedded him down in the truck for the night. Friendly and all, no problem, he knows what a truck is.

FFWD to this morning when I went to leash him up for a walk to relieve himself.  He bolted off the tailgate, I grabbed at his collar, and promptly noticed the tip of my ring finger was not pointed in its normal direction, but instead was about 45° off kilter.  Joy...dislocation.  So I did what most folks would do, I pulled it out straight.  That didn't really hurt, but it also didn't quite fix the problem.

I called my regular doc, and he said "get thee to the minor care clinic" for an xray and reduction. The sooner, the better.

So here I sit, finger buddy wrapped to the middle finger, everything a whole lot more tender than it was at first.

I don't think it's broken... I hope it's not broken.
3 hrs later, Xray says busted.  Damn...


  1. arguh! and you were doing something Good . . . I hope it heals rapidly.

  2. Wow! And I thought I was having it bad! That's pretty nasty, but glad it wasn't a vital finger, like a thumb. And after all that, how's the stray doing?

    1. Silly stray ran off and I never saw him again...


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