Sunday, May 21, 2017

It depends on your definition of normal...

Last week my ortho doc cleared me to resume all normal activities with my busted finger.  Doc P. did stress how lucky I was that it healed with no discernable problems, ie: it healed straight, with full range of motion, to the point that looking at it from across the room, he wasn't sure which finger was the broken one.  He said it should've required surgery.  Normally it would've, but by now, he knows I'm just not normal.

For those who know I lift regularly, I am going light on heavy carries/deadlifts for now, as the hand is still a bit tender.  I don't want to do too much heavy carry work until the fractures have some more time to solidify and fill in.

He also mentioned that he'd lost he own wedding band again.  Said he lost it in his pond when it was cold out.  I offered DH's and my services to go wading in the pond to recover it.  We have metal detectors, that while not fully submersible, are capable of shallow water hunting.  I told him I was wearing a Ti ring that DH had found a couple years back with his detector.  It's big enough (too big really) to fit over the finger that broke, and after 18yrs of wearing my wedding band almost 24/7/365, it felt really weird not to have a ring on.

I've taken a liking to the light weight of the Ti metal, so since Doc P. said it would be "months" before my finger returned to a normal size, I have been looking for a suitable temporary wedding band to wear.  Fortunately, Ti is inexpensive yet highly durable.  This time next year I will look into resizing my original band.  If that proves too costly or impossible to duplicate the patterning on it, DH and I will look at a replacement gold band.  Sadly, the small artisan shop where we purchased our rings way back when, has gone out of business.

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  1. Glad your finger's doing great! I have several Ti earrings and I can appreciate how lightweight and durable the metal is. But I didn't think that metal detectors would ping that. My own wedding band (custom of course because I wear a child-size 3.25) is platinum, which means it's so much heavier than it looks. Just the opposite of yours!


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