Monday, May 1, 2017

Prayers for Canton TX

The other day, it was supposed to be stormy here.  The Sporty kind of stormy.  Instead, Mother Nature defied all predictions, and sent the bad weather further south of us.  For us, this was a great thing.

For Canton TX, it was not so good.  Four people, maybe more (they're still searching), lost their lives in the tornados that struck Canton.  Another 50+ folks were injured, some critically.  Those folks could use your prayers.

NWS reports 3 or 4 ground tracks in the Canton area.  Damage is fairly significant, I'd guess EF3-4 probably.  It tracked, the longest one, some 40+ miles on the ground, almost due north, which is a bit odd for the area.  They usually track SW-->NE.

Many area town and counties are sending assistance to Van Zandt county.  The state has sent one or two of its disaster teams.  Folks will rebuild.  Life, where it can, will go on.

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  1. I saw this on the news and immediately thought of all my Texas friends (Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth)... Glad you guys ducked a pretty severe and peculiar system. But weather's suppose to be unpredictable, especially these days. Be safe!


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