Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fun at the Tour de Paris

This year, due to DH's recent hand surgery, and a distinct lack of cycling this year, we decided, when approached  by the Chamber of Commerce, to help out with the Tour de Paris through our church, by running a rest stop, aka SAG stop.

Our church happily agreed to volunteer warm bodies to man the SAG stop, and also to make lots of homemade cookies to give out to the cyclists.  The ride has a large number of cyclists typically, usually 1000+/-.

We took charge of a relatively remote SAG stop on the 66mi route.  It was around 31 miles into the route.  We got set up at a local landowner's property just down from an intersection on the route.  The landowners were great to work with.  They let us set up along their fence, granted us parking in their driveway, and also access to their water in case we needed more.

Getting set up
The ride began at 8am, but we were on site by 7 and set up ready to rock before 8am.  We had expected it to be hot and humid, as is typical in Texas for July.  However we were blessed by fairly heavy cloud cover all day.  There were storms in the area, but for the most part, the ride was dry.
There was even bike--mobile EMS!

We didn't see as many riders as we had expected, due in part to a time cut off (riders had to make a certain rest stop by 11am in order to continue on the 66 or 80 mile routes), and I think also due to the rain potential.

The first shift crew.

I think everyone who got a chance to serve the cyclists had fun.  I know we did.   I look forward to either helping out again next year on TdP, or riding it.  It is a nice way to give back, to a community (local and cycling) that we care about.  

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