Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sketchy connections

The storm that blew through here, Sunday night, smack in the dramatic ending of episode 2, Game of Thrones, was apparently strong enough to blow down more than one of our local internet provider's radio towers.  We knew the rain was heavy, as at the same time the net crashed, we lost the dumb satellites.  Ahh, the joys of rural life...

Yes our net provider's system is radio based (aka slow and expensive).  When the towers fell, that killed all connectivity, except for the even slower direct cellular connection.  Yep, my cell coverage is worse than my internet.

So, if I seem absent from the net for awhile, now you know why.  And knowing is half the battle!

UPDATE:  It's ALIVE!!!  Yes, the net came up at about 08:20 this morning!   I expect the connection will be "fragile" for a couple hours as they run tests etc, but for the moment, everything works!  Now, if only Deathstar Inc. would get their act together and figure out what is wrong with our primary cell tower (only a measured 3mi away.)

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  1. Good to hear you are still connected to the world! ;-)


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