Monday, August 7, 2017

Rain, anyone?

Yesterday was just a tad bit wet.  The rain, which is  forecast to plague bless us all this week started falling at 8:00am.  By 9:00am, there were 2" in the gauge.  By 10:00am, it was over 4".  By noon it was over 5".

All that rain meant we had to set the sump pump out, to drain the water from the back side of the house, lest it flood Monkeyboy's room.  DH was getting dressed to go out, and I decided to get out there quickly, as the water was rising.

 So I lifted the sump cover and dropped the pump into the hole.  Then I went to lay out the discharge hose.  As I was coming back to the pump to attach the hose, I misjudged where the sump hole was (being full fo muddy water made it hard to see) and I stuck my left leg smack in the hole.  I sort of fell over.  Nothing broke, or got sprained, at least in the hip-to-foot region.  My low back however, is distinctly unhappy about it.

We eventually opted to install our other pump, one with a float switch.  That meant we didn't have to manually plug in the power to the original pump any more.

I spent most of yesterday taking it easy, napping and laying on the heating pad.  This morning, it felt pretty good.  Though it is a bit tired and achy late this afternoon.  And after the morning rains of yesterday, we got yet another 3/4" last night, and this afternoon yet more rain,this time being just over 1/2" in about 20 minutes!  It's a good thing I backwashed the pool today, as it probably would've overflowed otherwise.

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  1. You're lucky you didn't break your leg! :-0 Glad you're resting up. Weird with the amount of rain your getting. Today's our first sunny hot day since last week. But rain promised for tomorrow and the coming weekend. :-(


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