Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Help TIRR Rescue via North Texas Giving Day 09/14/2017

This Thursday is the annual North Texas Giving Day.  TIRR Rescue has participated for several years now, and it has proven to be a great help in funding the needs of the many dogs at TIRR.  Anyone can donate.  You need not be in north Texas to give.

If you feel led to donate, I thank you!  If you cannot donate, please share the link to this blog, or copy and paste the donation link in the letter below, with your friends, and on social media.  Every share, and every donation means the world to these folks, and to these dogs.

Below, is TIRR's posting about Giving Day, and their plan for any funds donated.

From TIRR Rescue:

TIRR Rescue is, once again, participating in the North Texas Giving Day which is on Thursday September 14.

This fundraising event is enormous for TIRR Rescue – it is one of the prime fundraiser we participate in each year. 

Each year we try to target something that we need more than anything else.  We always have many needs and wants for the dogs we take in.   This year we have taken into our program many dogs that other rescues could not accommodate.  Currently we have 5 dogs that are Heartworm positive and in need of Heartworm treatment.   It is not uncommon for us to take in many HW positive dogs in the span of the year.  If you are a TIRR follower, supporter, volunteer, enthusiast or simply a dog lover watching from afar, you know that when we take a dog into our program, we take them for “their life”.  So we know that each dog we take could potentially have heartworms or other health issues.  Although we in the dog world are so familiar with heartworms, how they are contracted and how they are prevented – there is a huge population of people with dogs that are not knowledgeable and/or can’t or don’t provide the prevention.  We are hoping to have enough funds for treating the 5 dogs we have now and also to assist with other medical needs these dogs may have and also for medical issues TIRR encounters with future dogs coming to the Ranch.

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating event for people and animals of all ages, and continues to be an opportunity we can offer assistance, whether direct rescue and/or indirect rescue.  One of the best ways local rescues can help is to assist in getting dogs moved out of our local shelters to secure spots from those coming from the disaster areas in South Texas.  Unlike other disasters of this nature, the shelters in South Texas did an amazing job preparing for the influx of dogs/cats they would receive.  TIRR Rescue and Etosha Rescue joined efforts in supporting the needs of the people and shelters that would provide immediate safe harbor for the massive number of animals rescued.

Here is the link to our page on the North Texas Giving Day website.  We are asking for your financial support and TIRR will ensure that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the care of the dogs and the facilities they enjoy daily.  Having air conditioning and heat, in addition to a respect for their needs is the ultimate gift to a dog that has been abused, neglected, scared on the streets or left  in the back yard with no respect for the love they could and would offer.

Roy and I both want to thank you personally for your support during this fundraising effort.

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  1. One of our local rescues went down to bring back some dogs. This sounds like a good place to give!


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