Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Itchy itchy...

Poor Bullet has allergies.  His ears bear the brunt of the irritation.  I'd run out of antihistamine for him a week or so ago.  Last night, they were bugging him so much that he woke me up at 02:30 flapping his ears nonstop.

I managed to find some antihistamine for him in a cupboard, and he eventually settled down again, around 03:30 this morning.  So when they opened, I called his vet.   Unfortunately, they were all booked up the rest of the week, due to holidays, and couldn't see him until next week.

So I came up with an idea, to try to prevent not only the flapflapflap of his big old ears, but to also limit the risk of my house looking like a slaughterhouse if he splits an ear tip!  As much as he was shaking his head, he would paint my ceilings red with the blood from a split ear tip.

I repurposed one of my cycling tubular bandanas into a doggie snood!
He seems to be tolerating it better than I expected.  With this, and his collar off, he doesn't make much noise now.  Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight?


  1. Oh poor Bullet! My dog Ziggy has suffered from allergies for years, to the point of where his ears that used to stand up, got so inflamed and swollen they looked like inflatable packaging pillows (for shipping). The vet sewed his ear cartilage flat with a quilt pattern to keep them from inflating. One ear popped blood everywhere. Now he has floppy ears. Hope your pup gets some relief soon! :(

  2. Oh no poor Bullet!!
    I get itchy skin sometimes and mum has to give me special food - I think I would struggle with wearing that special doggie snood! He must be very brave :)
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!


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