Thursday, December 7, 2017

Taking a walk

Lately, I have been taking our older male Ridgeback, Bullet, for walks in the woods.  We have enjoyed seeing all the wildlife tracks, and even spooked a buck one evening.  That was exciting!

Bullet gets so excited to go on walks.   His whole demeanor shifts to that of an overgrown puppy.  It makes me happy to see him like this.  All our dogs love their walks, though Shiloh does not like her Gentle Leader halter, and pouts about wearing it.

The woods here are noisy this time of year, with all the leaves on the ground.  Squirrels skitter through the leaves, acorns fall like hail, humans and dogs alike crunch crunch crunch on our walks.

I've found we see all sorts of fascinating things on our walks in the woods.  I hope that for as long as we are here, the woods stay undeveloped.  There is wildlife here.
A little kitty.

Doe, a deer, and a not so little kitty!

There are odd vines, and lumpy trees, that if one were to use their imagination, could see spirits, dark things perhaps, reaching out, grasping, and binding.

There are even trash pandas (of course!) in the woods.   We've seen those pesky guys of them most likely is responsible for the demise of one of our guinea fowl.

Raccoon, aka Trash Panda
The colors and shades of fall are some of my favorites.  You never know when you will stumble upon a brilliant flash of color, even out in the woods under a heavy oak canopy.


  1. I'm afraid the links to your images are broken so there are just empty frames on your site! :-( But I loved reading about the walks with your pups.

    1. Odd that the links broke...they were working initially. About half of them still work. I will try to fix the issue. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Love the photo of the sleeping pup... so cool to see critter tracks in the mud. Sometimes we see deer prints in the snow, but mostly dog, cat and squirrel prints. Lotsa birds though, but we have a feeder.

  3. Cool footprints! I always enjoy woods walks.


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