Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek Ramble

I did manage a reasonable ride last night, of 17.26mi in 94min, despite what the GPS in the phone said I did (it thinks I went 50mi in that time, and teleported all over town to do it!). Once the GPS in the phones said Dave was teleported into Oklahoma on one of his nightly walks! Weather was on the warmer side, and humid, and made for a nice ride. Traffic was relatively low, and no one was a problem.

I confess to flinching a wee bit as the cars came past though. That's not usually an issue for me, but last week friends of mine were struck by a car while crossing a street in the crosswalk (on their green light). Both were seriously hurt. One will recover. The other, we pray for some good signs of a recovery, but truly his life is in God's hands now. Something like that makes you remember how fleeting life, and health, and even physical ability can be. If there is one thing we all can take away from my friends' tragedy, it is this: Tell those people you care about, that you CARE ABOUT THEM!

I will leave you all with an old Irish Blessing, one that I grew up with as a framed artwork in my parents hallway.

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