Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to it...

After giving thanks last week, it is time now to get back to it.  What is "it" you ask?  It's back to work, for Dave.  It's back to Kansas for my mom.  It's back to school for the Monkeys.  It's back to the bike for both Dave and I.  It's back to the never-ending laundry you know, housework and such.  It's back to my favorite time of the year for cooking and baking--yet trying to keep it healthy too.  Now that can be a struggle!

Back to it, means planning out the winter training on the bike, and looking forward to the 2013 ride schedule.  We will swap rides from this year, with Dave riding the t-shirt rides I did this year, and vice versa.  It also means time to start doing the heavy maintenance on the bikes including new bearings in the wheels, idlers and headsets as needed, swapping out my crankset and BB, swapping cranks around on Dave's bikes and using new BBs as needed, new chains maybe...

Then there is house maintenance--paint, fence repair, reseeding areas, pruning the shrubbery, putting up and taking down the Christmas decorations and lights...and so on.

We also try to "give back" when we can.  We do a bit of work at the local food pantry.  We try to help out at a local dog rescue where we have connections.  Little things maybe, but at least we are now in a position to help, even just a little.

And back to it also means having a bit of fun when we can!  We went to the Al Stewart concert earlier this month.  That was our first date-night in ages!  We do get to ride our bikes which is always enjoyable.  We do get to do some family events with the Cub Scouts.  And we do even get to go to the range on occasion!

I guess "Back To It" is mostly just getting on with life!

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