Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Focal point day...

Ever have one of those days where it seems EVERYTHING is happening at the same time?  Well, the other day was one of those for me.

Nov.17 2012 was a Focal Point Day.  I had already been scheduled to ride the Denton Turkey Roll fundraiser ride for the Breakfast Kiwanis.  This was a ride I that had been on my list since Dave had ridden it last year on a horrible windy day.  I planned on doing the 52 mile route, which I knew should take me about 4hrs.

Next, Monkeyboy had a Cub Scout event in the early morning, as a pancake server to help his Pack fundraise for the sponsoring church.  I had to miss that, as I was on the bikeride.  But Dave took the kids over to church and they all ate pancakes...with chocolate chips mixed in!

Meanwhile, out in Golden Colorado, a special event was beginning...the Spyderco Factory Seconds sale!  We obviously could not attend, but I had been able to find a kind soul who WAS going, and who agreed to be a buyer for me.  I emailed them a list of what knives I was looking for, and we agreed on a dollar limit and a payment method.  I had no idea what they would find from my list, if anything, since many folks show up for the sale, and stuff is at such good prices that it all goes FAST!

Regarding the Turkey Roll...I had a nice ride--pleasant temps and light winds with lots of sunshine.  I finished the day with 52mi and a 4hr time +/- a couple minutes.  I did stop to enjoy a post-ride snack, and then I had to get loaded, and drive half an hour or so back to home.

Once home, it was time to shower and get ready for the sitter to arrive, so Dave and I could go to our final event of the day--a concert at a small venue in downtown Dallas.  We had a wonderful time at Poor David's Pub, watching Al Stewart and Dave Nachmanoff play some amazing guitars.  Al was in fine form, and Dave is amazing on a guitar!  I didn't think you could get a 6 string guitar to sound like a Midi keyboard, but he did!  I sure hope they both come back to DFW soon.  It was a great show.  The last time I saw Al Stewart was back in the early-mid 90's, in Kansas City, at the Midland theater, I think!

Traffic was a bear going home though.  You'd think that at 11:30pm, that it would have cleared out, but no....some idiots decided to play bumper tag under the High 5, and we were delayed about 30min.

After finally getting home, paying our sitter and getting ready for bed, I checked email to see if we had heard anything on the Spyderco sale.  YAY!  We scored 4 knives, all from my list of requests.  Check back in on the blog, and there will be some reviews up after I get a chance to play with them all.

Whew!  A long day, well done!  I'll wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and prayers for any of you who are traveling this holiday weekend.

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