Thursday, November 1, 2012

DeFeet, not just for your toes any more!

Years ago, Dave had introduced me to DeFeet socks.  They do make a nice set of socks, especially for cycling.  I have several pairs--they come in all sorts of interesting designs and colors.  I even have a pair of their wonderfully obnoxious Chili Pepper socks!  Colors so loud as to make your eyes water...I love it!

DeFeet Air-E-Ators in Chili Pepper

Due to the traffic we routinely ride in, we have become huge fans of visibility.  Not wishing to become hood ornaments, we now tend to favor anything to improve our visibility, from DiNotte lights, to 3M SOLAS tape, Glo-Gloves, to Illuminite leg warmers for night riding. 

So imagine our mutual surprise when Dave stumbled across DeFeet Arm Warmers.  Not only a basic pair of arm warmers for that chilly riding weather that passes for winter in DFW, but really LOUD arm warmers!

2 pair were promptly ordered, of course in Neon Headache Hi-Viz Tennisball Green.  The picture on the DeFeet website truly does not render the color well, or at least our monitor fails miserably to do it justice.  These things are LOUD!  Stare at it too long, and I bet you will get a headache...

DeFeet Neon Arm Warmers

These DeFeets are different that my old pair of white arm warmers in that they have a wrist cuff like a long sleeve shirt would, and NO rubbery spandex stuff at the top that other warmers use to hold them in place.  Initially I was concerned the DeFeets would slide down with out the grippy stuff.  I didn't need to worry however.  These warmers stay put!  No sliding or slippage, and no pinching either!  The fabric does a great job of blocking wind, and seems to breathe well too.  I'm sold on 'em now.

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