Friday, February 8, 2013

Now for some classics

Just some classics from my personal pictures.  These good folk come through 'round here most every year.  Look up their schedule, if you love classic Warbirds!  The Collings Foundation.

Yes, Witchcraft really IS underway, with that guy spyhopping out the top!

Now this is Betty Jane, and she is truly One of Kind! She is the ONLY dual control P-51 in the world! And ain't she a beauty??

They sure do keep her shined up nice!

Yes, you DO get to tour inside several of these Warbirds!  It is fascinating!

I found it amazing how little room those men had inside these aircraft.  And amenities?  Nope!

Enjoy this brief clip I shot of Betty Jane buzzing the runway!  (I used to have a super video of Ol' Nine 'O Nine, but sadly, it has vanished into the computer ether.)


  1. You got some beautiful photos. I was active in the Confederate Air Force before they bowed to political correctness and changed their name. I've many a photo of me with airplane hair in a T6.

    Thanks for sharing. I don't fly much any more, just too darn expensive. Doesn't mean I don't love it all.

  2. Growing up on Air Force bases, I often took for granted seeing planes take off and land every day. These are beauties!

  3. What a super interesting blog! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Blog Party! -g-

  4. Those are great shots...I remember on a visit to see my sister in FL, we stopped at the Air Force Base...stopping by from Lisa and Nancy's Valentine's Party Blog Hop...thanks for coming to see me...:)JP

  5. Wow, these are great shots!

    Thanks for participating in the Boost My Blog party today. I'm a new follower :-)

  6. visiting via BMB Party and enjoyed your photos, thanks for the history because we can never say "thanks" enough!

  7. AWESOME shots. Visiting from Boost My Blog. B

  8. hey, i hopped over from Boost-My-Blog Party! nice to meet ya. have a great <3 Day!! big hugs. awesome - my Dad was in the army & worked on planes in Germany - due to him i have always had a love for planes. awesome shots. thanks for the details. too cool! take care. ( :


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