Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Dinner

This afternoon I got a text from my husband asking what I had in mind for dinner today, it being Valentine's Day and all. I replied, "Nothing really. What do you want?" He replied, "Ribeyes, asparagus, Shiner Black, and to put the kids in the storm shelter for the evening." Now, he WAS only joking about the storm shelter, but at times...between 3 kids and 3 large dogs, I have wanted to lock MYSELF in the storm shelter!

So while running errands with a friend who has no car, we hit the store and I got said supplies for a nice dinner. I confess that timing a meal is not a strong point of mine. I can cook well, especially if it involves a grill and charcoal, but getting all the dishes ready on the table at the same time is an art I have not mastered even after all these years. But I am improving some. I have figured out that if I put his steak on, 10+min before mine, his will be sufficiently overcooked for me to process my steak in about 6 minutes total (3 min per side). Not quite 'blue' but definitely on the rare side! YUM! Just how I like my beef! Mooing...

The steaks were brushed in olive oil, and seasoned with a bit of Angelos, cracked black pepper and sea salt. The garlic bread I got had some more garlic powder added along with some Penzeys Bouquet Garni seasoning. The asparagus was sauteed in butter, and Kikkoman soy sauce added at the end. Lastly, the Shiner Black was served cold! On this rare occasion, I managed to get it all to the table at once, with everything still hot and tasty.

The Monkeys all shared a pizza and breadsticks, and are watching movies tonight. And lest you think I forgot the Hounds of Renown, no, they were not forgotten. They got the trimmings off the ribeyes, lucky dogs!


  1. Sounds great. I cooked a nice beef steak meal too but no kids here anymore so it is a little easier. B

  2. All sounds delightful. Thanks, me? coffee with cream . . .
    Still, a great day.

  3. Stopping by your blog via the BNB party.

    I'm your latest follower!

    Sounds like a lovely Valentine's dinner.

  4. heck, I'd a kept the kids, all night, for a piece of that supper!

  5. Come by way of boosting your blog party, I have been out of town!! Giving a shout out!! Happy everything, Pamie G.


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