Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hounds of Renown

Dogs. I have dogs. What most folk refer to as "big dogs", with the smallest of them running about a lithe 65#. All three are hounds, of uncertain parentage, though in truth at least half of their bloodline is crystal clear! All are at least half Rhodesian Ridgeback.

It is apparently common practice to cross Ridgebacks with a variety of other breeds here in Texas, for use as Hog Dogs--for hunting feral/wild pig. Now I don't mind the practice of hunting at all. In fact I would personally enjoy a Wild Bacon hunt, but I will not hunt over dogs--period! When "that dog won't hunt", the dogs often get dumped on the local animal shelters, where if they are lucky, they will find their way into the local Ridgeback Rescue network.

All my dogs came from the rescue network. Our first, Charlie, stole our hearts as a little fluffy puppy.  He had what could only be described as a rough start in life, surviving long enough to make it to a Ridgeback Rescue that was willing to look past his uncertain parentage, and see the loving dog within.  Then he contracted Parvo (at less than 2mo age), and survived not only that but the treatment that left him scarred in two places.  He is my starter child--I've had Charlie longer than I have had my own 2-legged children.  I've had Charlie since he was barely 6mo old.  He's over 13yrs now, and showing his age a lot--failing eyesight with cataracts, hearing loss, and arthritic hips...but he's still my baby...

Next to the family came Cody.  He came to us through the same rescue as Charlie.  When we moved to Texas, my husband knew I wanted another dog, but our yard in Kansas had been on the small side.  Our back yard in Texas was significantly larger!  (Not quite Texas sized, though).

The Boys like to curl up together.  The Bookend Ridgebacks.  They even had their 15 min of fame, with Charlie being featured in a short article in Dog Fancy magazine a couple years back, as a Rescue Success, and Cody managing to sneak into the picture they used!

We later found out the Boys like to observe (aka chase) arrows.  Here they are, as Dave walked up, bow in hand, to retrieve the arrows.  Cody is such a handsome hound!

Then just this year, as Charlie's health grows ever more tenuous, we opted to add Shiloh, our not-so-little Couch Snurlger! 

It was so funny to watch the Boys react to a female!  Sorta like a couple old potbellied men at the bar when a pretty young thing saunters in.  They puffed out their chests and strutted around after her!  Charlie, being the more dominant male, accepted her immediately.  Cody, being the beta-dog, still doesn't quite understand she out ranks him in the doggy hierarchy. 

 This is one of her favorite locations.  The dog couch, by the front windows, so they can look out at their leisure, and bark if they see fit.  Fortunately, Shiloh is not a huge barker!
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful", says Shiloh.  She can be quite the Diva!


  1. Bless you for your rescue kids. xo

  2. Oh, what a great story - and your fur family is lovely. I help when i am able with rescue. At home i have two aging creatures who look after me . . i suspect they adopted me - I wonder if other humans feel that way - you know, the creatures saved them instead of visa-versa . .
    anyway, my canine is part Newfie and the feline was feral . . she is always on duty - to make sure I'm "a-okay."
    I've never lived with a Ridgeback - yours sure look like a great family.

    Thanks for sharing. -g-

  3. When we moved to VA, I wanted a Ridgeback...I LOVE them so I'm glad I met you! Instead we got Copper ( a 10 mo Lab/Pit social reject who'd had 5 homes BEFORE us) and Moon (my 5 mo old starving Shepherd/Husky mix with a stick embedded in her right hip, festered then either dumped in the woods or from a litter on wild dogs that ran the ridge left to starve)...we moved back home to CT and "my kids" are still with us!

  4. We love rescue dogs here too. Our border collie is a rescue.

    Yes, my friend in San Antonio who runs trails a lot is always talking about those feral pigs

  5. Oh you are wonderful saving these beautiful dogs. B

  6. What beautiful dogs. I rescued my little Tater Tot (mostly Jack Russell Terrier) in the parking lot where I work. I believe he knows I rescued him and is ever so grateful for it!

  7. Those are beautiful dogs and my Sadie is a Ridge, 3 years old next month, and a lovely girl. She and I sleep curled up together every night. The other 2, Sam and Sophie, have to be touching me as well. Can you tell we all love each other?


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