Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Improvement Project

Nothing so involved as my blogger friend Six has done in remodeling his home, but we did decide we were tired of the Three Musketeers Nougat* colored walls in the master bath.  It was time to paint the Reading Room!

We had attempted to find the right paint a year ago with no success. Our wall wore two sample squares of too yellow paints.  But DH got inspired recently and we found at last a paint and trim color we both liked.   New shelving was acquired, to provide space for the contents of the First Aid Bathtub. Clear plastic tubs were bought, to better see and organize the First Aid supplies.
The bathroom and all its accumulated clutter was emptied and cleaned.  Then it was time for the heavy duty "hiding" primer.  It works pretty well, and soon the nougat walls were buried under a layer of cool white paint. 

After cutting in the new wall color, DH began to roll it on the walls.  So far the paint has gone mostly on the walls, and not too much on us.  Oh and I managed NOT to deglove my ring finger, when my ring snagged on the top of the shower door track.  Ouch!   It is bruised a bit more than I expected, and I wisely removed the ring before it got swollen, but it would have been wiser still to have removed the rings before I started at all.

It's pretty difficult with the cellphone, to get a good idea of the new color, called Fresh Cotton, by Valspar.  The trim is not yet done, and will be a sort of honey-tan color.  Dark enough to offset the  main color, but not so dark as to be too bold.  That will get done tomorrow, and shouldn't take more than half an hour or so.  Then to cut and prime and paint the shelves, and hang them over the bathtub, ready for the onslaught of first aid supplies.

* The bath has been this color since we moved in, 11 years ago.  We did not paint it!  You should see the master bedroom color...It's the color of the gills on underside of a mushroom.  Yeah, that dark!


  1. Aye-yi-yi - Fingers can be tricky - I'm glad you got the ring off Before finger retaliation set in . . and i hope you are better now . .

    Golly, you are gonna have the most beautiful "reading room."

    Happy Fall!!!

  2. And one of these days we're going to paint the bedroom. We're just dreading moving the heavy oak bedroom set and the really heavy stuff in there.


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