Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Wall of Aid

Some of you may have wondered what I meant in a previous post about the First Aid Bathtub.  Due to having three kids, and a relatively active lifestyle (and a former Life Flight Paramedic friend), we have accumulated over the years a sizable quantity of first aid supplies.

The problem with this plan, was a master bath with insufficient storage space (i.e. nearly none), and a Garden Tub that we do not use very often.  Thus, the Garden Tub became the default storage location for the first aid gear.  And it earned the name the First Aid Bathtub.

This was not the best storage and organization system in the universe.  Things tended to migrate downward, and get buried, only to be repurchased, sometimes multiple times, when in fact we had plenty of "it".  Except for bandaids....but that's another story, entitled Olivia, the Bandaid Princess!

Once, while brainstorming what to do about the master bath, we concluded we wanted shelves on the long wall over the tub.  Unfortunately, due to shoddy construction practices in NTX, the interior studs are NOT on 16" centers.  In a 58" long wall, there were two studs in the corners, and two others somewhat randomly placed in between.  Makes it difficult to hang shelving brackets.

Yet we persevered, and thus the Wall of Aid was born!

 It is all sorted and organized, neatly labeled, and not so high up that I cannot reach it!  And yes, all that stuff (sans the clear tubs) was IN the Garden Tub, along with a space heater, and two large first aid nylon bags.
And for those who care to know, here is a pic of the trim color. 

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