Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Today is Tuesday, Dec 16, aka Bike Tuesday.  My Encore is supposed to be delivered today...the wait is driving me nuts.  Made worse by having tracking data that indicates the carrier isn't quite sure where my bike is...They think it's in Dallas.  Dallas hub is looking for it even now.  It might already be on it's way up the road to my bike shop...or not...And of course, today is the last good riding day off the week according to the weather guessers.  It figures, I know it will arrive eventually, but I would like to get it today, before the rains come.

**Update, Wed, 13:30hrs.  Still no bike.  Freight company is conducting a whole-hub search in DFW for the box.  I am trying to be patient.  I haven't yelled at anyone yet, and I'm actually pretty calm, considering what I have tied up in this bike.

***Update, Wed. 13:55hrs.  They found it!  Yay!  Delivery should be tomorrow morning.  I'm still a little unclear on how exactly one misplaces a 53' semi tractor trailer, but I'm told it does happen on occasion.  I'm just happy they found it!

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