Friday, December 26, 2014

T'was the morning of Christmas...

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a Ridgeback! 

With bacon (just a tiny) and Milk Bones and breakfast in bowls, it seems even Ridgebacks get food coma.

The unwrapping frenzy had burned itself out.  The pictures were taken, the trash all picked up.  The Monkeys were pondering what next to do be it painting, or sketching, or tie dying too.

There was much joy in Who-ville, with t-shirts and more, some posters and pins, and book marks even.

The big "kids" even scored, with treats from dog rescue.  It's hard to say which was more popular with the Hounds--the meat and cheese box, or the BBQ kit, or more likely the wrapping paper that carried all the scents of the folks at the kennel whom Cody adores (and other dogs too! )

By the end of the morning, with an apple pie in the oven and a ham on the smoker, Indy summed up the day perfectly! 

Wishing you all had a grand time with family and friends, celebrating the love and joy of Christmas with all the abandon of young children.


  1. Merry Christmas oops I mean Boxing Day. Oh the Tardis blowing up is awesome. Looks like it was a great Christmas. Hug B

  2. LOVE that last photo...fabulous! Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day and Safe New you and yours. Vic, it could be my's first generation and I'm not sure it's capable of accepting books from other Kindles...?

  3. What a Boxing Day the dogs had...they are pooped!!!...:)JP

  4. What a wonderful time to be had by all. I'm so happy for your wonderful Christmas.

  5. A perfectly Happy Post . . . Thanks, i needed that.


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