Monday, December 22, 2014

Not a sign I expected to see...

DH and I have a tradition of going out to dinner on our birthdays.  The kids stay home, with a sitter if necessary, and we get a "date night" out.

Well we had decided to use a gift card he earned through work to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We drove cross town, parked, and walked up to their door.  That was as far as we got though, because this business apparently does not want us as customers.  

This was posted on the door.  Note that in Texas, a sign such as this is not legal notice to restrict licensed concealed carry.  But it does make clear they do not respect my right of self defense.   Just as they have the right to post such signs, I have the right to not do business there.

Luckily, there was a Spring Creek BBQ next door, with no offensive signs posted, and probably better food too.  DH had the ribs and I had the sausage and brisket. We swapped a bit too, sharing across the table.  It was also nice that Spring Creek is quieter inside than most restaurants where it seems the rule is to play music so loud you have to shout to be heard across your table.

All in all, a very pleasant birthday dinner was had, and BWW didn't get our business.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Having never eaten at BWW...I will not waste my time or money.


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