Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No longer a "teenager"!

Indy turns three!  Yesterday marked the anniversary of our adoption of Indy.  At the time we adopted him, we were told he was approximately 2 years old.  Not knowing his real birthdate, we decided to use his adoption date and count from there forward.  
Birthday?  Me?
Thus, Indy is now 3, in calendar years, or 21 in human equivalents.  So, no longer is he a teenager!  Yay!  Though I think his personality will be that of a puppy for his entire life.  He just enjoys life far too much to ever "grow up".
Really?  I'm going out without the other two?
In honor of his birthday, and to avoid having the Monkeys try making him a dog-safe cake, we opted to head out to Sonic where we could bring Indy along for a treat.
What is this place, Mom?
Somebody couldn't believe his good luck!  Soft serve ice cream in a cone.  I wasn't sure he'd know what to do with it at first.  Then I guessed someone else might lose fingers as the Landshark Jaws snapped shut around the rapidly melting treat.  I was wrong!

For me?  Mine!
 Indy delicately nipped at and licked the ice cream.
Nom, nom, nom...
 Lick lick lick lick lick!
A long tongue is handy!
 Now how to get the ice cream out of the deep narrow part?  Good thing I have a long tongue, says Indy!
Nom, nom! Crunch!  Crunch!
 All gone!  Can I have another?  Yes, after demolishing his own cone, he began nosing around everyone else's for a second one.  Typical Indy!


  1. LOVE this!!! I'll want to consider a birthday celebration for Baby Mia - at the moment she thinks everything is a celebration . . giggle . . AND - THANK YOU for finding my error on the memorial post - fixed it right away . . . (you rock!)

  2. Happy Birthday Indie - you couldn't have asked for a more fun and loving family. I'm taking Abby for her first ice cream cone tomorrow. Being a rescue and a bit skittish when I first got her (with the resultant touchy stomach) she is expanding her horizons both with other dogs and food.


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