Friday, June 5, 2015

Random 5 Friday 6/5/15

A peek at my week, in a rather random way.

1.  DH has started to get a little overtime with work.  It's nice, financially, though I miss him when he is out late.

2.  Last week DH wasn't feeling 100%, and now this week I have 2 Monkeys down sick with bronchitis/walking pneumonia.  The doc gave them some meds that should get rid of it, assuming it isn't viral in nature.

3.  I started PT on my shoulder this week, after getting my ass chewed by my surgeon last week for doing too much with my arm.

4. When asked by one of the PT folks what my goals were, I said I wanted the shoulder back to normal so I would be able to deadlift 225# by December.  The female therapist looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted devil horns or something!  Luckily the male therapist was more understanding...and said, well that's 6 months out, you should be ok by then.

5.  We've had a full week of sunshine here in NTX, with warm temps.  I really miss being able to ride outside.  Maybe DH and I can do a longer ride on the tandem this weekend, in preparation for the Collin Classic bike ride next weekend.

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  1. Hope everyone is well soon. I bet you hit your deadlift goal!


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