Monday, June 1, 2015

Spirit in the Sky

It is said, that all dogs go to Heaven.  In that case, Cody just said "hello!", as I walked through the subdivision to collect an errant package the dyslexic postal worker left on the wrong porch.
Cody and his nemesis
Cody hated hot air balloons with a passion true to his Ridgeback heritage.  They were the Lions of the air, to him, and he sought to drive them away at every chance.  This morning, I saw another balloon flying hear the house, and as I looked at it, remembering Cody, I realized there was a Sun Dog in the high thin cloud layer, right behind the balloon!  I knew then Cody was making himself known.
Balloon and Sun Dog
I leave you with some dog haiku, in memory of Cody.

Look, look, look, look, look!
Aliens come to kill us!
Bark to scare them off!


  1. I completely understand how memories can come flooding back at the least provocation. It's a bitter sweet moment when we remember our loved ones. Even though it's been nearly two years since she went to Heaven, little things like that happen to remind me of Maxie from time to time. Well, I pray that you're healing and feeling happy. ~:)


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