Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ah the little joys of summer church camp...

So two Monkeys went to VBS(vacation Bible school) at our church last week.  One enrolled (Monkey3), one volunteered to work (Monkey2) and the last did not attend (Monkey1).  So of course, one of them becomes the Summer Plague Vector!

Yes, the first to fall victim was the most obvious vector, Monkey3.  Fever, general crabbiness etc.  Luckily it resolved quickly and the crabby has returned to her normal level. ;-)

Next was Monkey2, with a low fever and a tendency to be sleepier than normal.  He is doing ok now.

 This morning, at 04:15, Monkey3 wakes me up, to tell me Monkey1 has a bad somach ache.  I go to see her, and she is clearly miserable.  I order her to the bathroom before she pukes, since she is on the top bunk and I don't want her having difficulty getting to the bathroom.

She camps out in the bathroom, and I go back and try to go back to sleep.  Maybe 15min later, I hear her dinner being spontaneously ejected.  Joy.   Gave her some stomach meds and told her to go back to bed when she felt better.  Hopefully she will sleep all day and not contaminate the rest of us.  She's my teenager, so sleeping is her normal state... ;-)


  1. Oh hope that stomach bug doesn't make the rounds. They are so miserable.

  2. Your family and Hillary's always share the wealth when it comes to sickness! I hope the rest of you stay well this time ๐Ÿ˜˜


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