Friday, July 31, 2015

Warning: Political rants within...

And I am still missing my Muse.  Has anyone seen her?  I could use a little blogging inspiration... otherwise I'm going to go all political on you!  There's a bit of a political rant building up inside that may need let out.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Anyway, it's Friday yet again, so here is some Random bits for the final day of July, 2015.

1.  Seems like what everybody knew in their hearts has been proven true.  MH370 crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.  It's pretty obvious that wing flaperon came from MH370, since there are NO other Boeing 777's missing, or missing their right flaperon.  And in case you think it came from some other plane, uh, it has a 777-specific part number painted inside it.  I hope this will gradually bring peace to all those families who lost loved ones on that flight.

2.  I'm sorry that this country is more upset over the death of some lion in Zimbabwe, than they are over the murder of babies by Planned Parenthood and the federally illegal sale of their body parts.  Apparently most Zimbabweans either don't care the lion is dead, or are happy another predator in their lives is gone (yeah, lions do eat people in Africa still, and predate their livestock too), or are simply happy that some wealthy foreigner is willing to pay lots of money into the local economy (and donate the meat from their kills) to hunt there.

But of course, the current administration has declared that we will investigate this hunt and it's been pretty obvious that they are ones to never waste a good crisis distraction, and getting the media to rile folks up over a lion is far better than actually investigating the illegal acts of Planned Parenthood.

3.  And can anybody tell me, logically, since #BlackLivesMatter, and they do (as do #AllLivesMatter), why they are not protesting and picketing Planned Parenthood?

4.  And in more African news, it seems like a local NTX politico-developer got in over his head by trying to overthrow an African government.  LINK.  He is an individual of what I would call a somewhat dubious history and reputation if you research his past.  I suppose given his past, and the current federal investigation into his Gambian acts, the .gov will pin a medal on him and promote him to the head of HUD...

5.  28 days left until I go to Wichita Falls for the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred.  That's not a lot of time left to get ready.  It should be "interesting".


  1. isn't it possible your Muse has been trying to express this "rant" - (obvious truth) for a long time - and will now feel able to express with more freedom on other issues because you've started sharing what's in your heart? (just wondering)

    Please take great care of yourself.

    THANK YOU for ALL You Do.
    (Mia's Mom)

  2. Perhaps you are correct, Maggid. There is wisdom in your words. I will be sure to take good care of myself, and my family and friends.

    I am so happy too, that you have Mia! I am certain she is such a blessing in your life.

  3. Amazing how great minds think (and suffer) alike, isn't it? Some days (weeks) Musey seems intent on dodging every seek I employ. And my own blog(s) on the MH370 and Cecil topics are *alarmingly* similar in direction (though not at all in content).


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