Friday, July 24, 2015

Random 5 Friday 07/24/15

Here is my Random 5 for this week.  I have not been as diligent about posting these lately, as my bloggin muse seems to be on vacation.

1.  Our house purge continues.  We are trying to get rid of a bunch of accumulated junk, trash, and unwanted items.  Eventually we will get to the garage.  That will be a major job there!

2.  Summer is here in NTX.  Daily temps are holding at 99*F, and overnight only cooling off to the low 80's.  Humid too.  Go figure, summer in the South.  All things considered, it's cooler than normal this time of year.

3.  As usual in July, we have been watching the  Tour de France on tv.  It has been a rough race this year for the riders with many crashes and serious injuries, including a broken neck, broken back, broken shoulder, broken collarbones, and a ton of road rash.  Two more days of racing to go....Chris Froome will likely win.

4.  Made a painful mistake last night while grilling fajitas.  The very hot BBQ lid had been set down behind me, I stepped back away from the grill, and touched the back of my calf against it.  Got a pretty major burn, which now is about the size of a racquetball.  It hurt like the dickens last night, but this morning isn't hurting.  Thank goodness for Water Jel and Silvadene Cream!

5.  Water Jel is an amazing product!  Used for minor and not so minor burns, it comes in various dressing sizes.  When opened, the dressing is soaked in something that looks like runny vanilla pudding.  This is the Jel.  It keeps the wound moist, and stays very cool, which eases pain.  Just apply per instructions (I used the stretch mesh to hold everything in place).  This product can be purchased online from a lot of locations, but I personally use Chinook Medical.  It really deserves a place in your personal first aid supplies!


  1. My husband had a big bike crash recently and they used that water Gel stuff on his road rash.

    1. Yes Lisa it is great for road rash. I just added an 8x18" dressing to our kit.

    2. Yes Lisa it is great for road rash. I just added an 8x18" dressing to our kit.

  2. Good to know about the Water Gel! Personally, I use aloe vera but it's hard to keep on a vertical surface, like a leg.

  3. I've never heard of water gel before - thank you for the tip. I'll make sure to have some on hand . . bookmarked your place . . I'm really sorry you got burned. (phooey) - It'a always so goo to visit you. (yes, my puppy is tall - and happy - almost ten months now . . everyone in the world seems to love her . . . ) Good weekend to you.

  4. Sorry you got burned but that's good to know about the water jel. It's staying surprising cool up in the upper midwest. I don't think we've seen about 92 yet this year. But I did invite a colleague who has little kids to come by as the place has a big pool and they just LOVED going for a swim.


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